Press ReleaseAdvanced Scientific Concepts Announces Sale of ASCar Division to Continental AG

March 14, 2016by ASC3D0

Santa Barbara, CA – Advanced Scientific Concepts (ASC), leading supplier of 3D Flash LIDAR Vision Systems for terrestrial, aerial and space applications, announces the creation of Advanced Scientific Concepts LLC, subsequent to the sale of the ASCar division to Continental AG.

With the acquisition of ASCar, Continental plans to mass produce flash LIDARs at an affordable price to support the commercial automotive industry. Advanced Scientific Concepts LLC will continue to focus on providing 3D Flash LIDAR custom and standard product solutions for space, manned airborne and underwater applications. This includes also providing UAS, autonomous vehicle and 3D mapping solutions for the domestic and international military markets.

“ASC’s product line for Military and Aerospace has matured over the past couple years to a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL) through rigorous design and development,” said Jim Curriden, President of ASC LLC. “ASC LLC will now be entirely focused and well positioned to provide affordable solutions for the Military and Aerospace community by providing either off the shelf or tailored products to meet a user’s unique requirements.”

Advanced Scientific Concepts LLC is aimed at concentrating on the key markets at the foundation of their technology, ready to invest in the future advancement of 3D Flash LIDAR.

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